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Home / Product / Micro Channel Heat Exchanger / Car/Refrigerator/Air Conditioning Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers - Standard Range
Car/Refrigerator/Air Conditioning Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers - Standard Range
  • Car/Refrigerator/Air Conditioning Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers - Standard Range
Micro Channel Heat Exchanger

Car/Refrigerator/Air Conditioning Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers - Standard Range

Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers - Standard Range are utilized in HVAC structures to switch warmth successfully and efficiently. These warmness exchangers consist of severa small channels that allow for increased surface area and improved heat switch. They allow the refrigerant to take in the warmth from indoor air and launch it to the out of doors environment, ensuring green cooling in houses, workplaces, and different homes. The micro-channel design additionally permits for compact and light-weight heat exchangers, making them ideal for air con structures with constrained area necessities.
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  • Description
StandardType Total Length Total Height Tube Width InletID Outlet ID
[L] [H] [D] [0] [0]
[mm] [in] [mm] [in] [mm] [in] [mm] [in] [mm] [in]
SC-1000 333.2 13.12 299.7 11.8 16 0.63 6.35 1/4 6.35 1/4
SC-1100 388 15.28 346.7 13.65 16 0.63 6.35 1/4 6.35 1/4
SC-1200 460 18.11 431.3 16.98 16 0.63 7.94 5/16 6.35 1/4
SC-1300 550 21.65 515.9 20.31 16 0.63 9.52 3/8 7.94 5/16
SC-1400 780 30.7 769.7 30.3 16 0.63 9.52 3/8 9.52 3/8
SC-1500 1074 42.28 518 20.39 25.4 1 12.7 1/2 12.7 1/2
SC-1600 1280 50.39 618.5 25.37 16 0.63 12.7 1/2 12.7 1/2
SC-1700 1324 52.13 638 25.12 25.4 1 15.88 5/8 12.7 1/2
SC-1800 1074 42.28 1208 47.56 25.4 1 22.2 7/8 22.2 7/8
SC-1900 1274 50.16 1358 53.46 25.4 1 22.2 7/8 22.2 7/8
SC-2000 2000 78.74 1058 41.65 25.4 1 25.4 1 22.2 7/8

Common Nominal Working Conditions
Nominal Working Conditions Metricunits
Inlet Air Temperature °C 35
Inlet Relative Humidity % 50
Sub-Cooling K 4
Input data: (AT=10K)
Condensing Temperature °C 45
Inlet refrigerant temperature °C 75
Input data: (AT= 15 K)
Condensing Temperature
Inlet refrigerant temperature
Input data: (AT= 20 K)
Condensing Temperature
Inlet refrigerant temperature
Input data: (AT= 25 K)
Condensing Temperature
Inlet refrigerant temperature

Nominal Working Conditions Imperial units
Inlet Air Temperature °F 95
Inlet Relative Humidity % 50
Sub-Cooling K 4
Input data: (AT=18°F)
Condensing Temperature °F 113
Inlet refrigerant temperature °F 167
Input data: (AT=15°F)
Condensing Temperature °F 122
Inlet refrigerant temperature °F 176
Input data: (AT= 20°F)
Condensing Temperature °F 131
Inlet refrigerant temperature °F 185
Input data: (AT= 25°F)
Condensing Temperature °F 140
Inlet refrigerant temperature °F 194
  • Product Introducing:
Efficient, Compact and Environmentally Friendly - Your Ideal Micro-Channel Heat Exchanger - Standard Series Car/Refrigerator/Air Conditioning Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers
In pursuit of performance, compactness, and environmental friendliness, our standard series of Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers (automotive/fridge/air con micro-channel warmness exchangers) is your best choice.
The micro-channel heat exchanger, additionally called a micro-channel warmth exchanger, is an innovative warmth change tool. This warmth exchanger has dozens of great waft channels internal its flat tube, that are connected to round headers at each ends of the flat tube. The headers are prepared with baffles to divide the warmth exchanger go with the flow channels into several processes. Its particular structure gives the micro-channel warmth exchanger huge benefits in phrases of warmth exchange performance, volume, and weight.
Our preferred collection of micro-channel heat exchangers are product of great materials, exhibiting exquisite heat switch overall performance and thermal stability. At the identical time, we have followed advanced production methods to make certain product stability and reliability.
This series of micro-channel warmness exchangers can be widely used in refrigeration equipment consisting of motors, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Its green warmness trade functionality can drastically improve the cooling performance of the gadget and decrease energy consumption. The compact layout makes the system smaller and less difficult to install. In addition, this collection of heat exchangers additionally has correct environmental performance, effectively lowering noise and vibration throughout device operation, developing a extra cushty the usage of environment for customers.

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We are a company specializing in R&D, production, and sales of heat exchangers, microchannel heat exchangers (MCHE), and fin tube heat exchangers. We are China Wholesale Car/Refrigerator/Air Conditioning Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers - Standard Range Suppliers and Car/Refrigerator/Air Conditioning Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers - Standard Range Factory. SunCo company is a group company with one production base in China Shaoxing with 72000 square meters, and one production base in Thailand with 25000 square meters, and an international company in Zhejiang Hangzhou and the US for sales, technical, and warehouse service. Company adhering to the "innovation, integrity, cooperation"business concepts, In way of comprehensively introducing ISO9001 & IATF16949 quality management system, with a good R&D team, reliable product quality, and highly efficient service to target the markets.
The company has robust design and development capability and specializes in designing many fields of air conditioning systems, and heat pipe heat exchange systems. It involved a variety of Industries, such as bus, tel-communications, commercial and industry refrigeration, frozen storage, rail transportation, wood drying, high-voltage substation, aerospace, etc. SunCo technology has won customers' deep trust.
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Micro Channel Heat Exchanger Industry knowledge

What are the key features and benefits of micro-channel heat exchangers in the wellknown variety?

1. Compact and Lightweight Design:
One of the brilliant functions of micro-channel heat exchangers is their compact and light-weight layout. Unlike conventional heat exchangers, which might be regularly cumbersome and heavy, micro-channel warmness exchangers are extra space-efficient and may be easily integrated into structures with limited area or weight constraints. This feature is particularly beneficial in industries which include automotive, aerospace, and electronics, wherein length and weight loss are critical.
2. Efficient Heat Transfer:
Micro-channel warmth exchangers provide superior warmth transfer competencies because of their precise layout. These warmth exchangers encompass multiple small channels or micro-channels through which the fluid flows. The high surface region-to-quantity ratio supplied through these micro-channels permits for green warmness change among the running fluid and the heat supply or sink. As a end result, micro-channel heat exchangers can gain higher degrees of heat transfer effectiveness in comparison to standard heat exchangers, leading to stepped forward thermal performance.
3. Enhanced Heat Transfer Performance:
The small length of micro-channels additionally contributes to their greater warmness transfer performance. Micro-channels facilitate improved convective heat transfer because of the reduced hydraulic diameter and the resulting higher fluid velocity. This increased fluid waft allows to beautify warmth transfer coefficients and limit the thermal resistance, main to extra efficient and fast heat change.
4. Reduced Refrigerant Charge:
Micro-channel heat exchangers typically require smaller refrigerant expenses in comparison to conventional heat exchangers. This reduction in refrigerant fee can offer economic blessings with the aid of reducing charges associated with refrigerant procurement and protection. Moreover, it can make contributions to environmental advantages, mainly in applications consisting of air con and refrigeration, via minimizing the capacity for refrigerant leakage and the discharge of dangerous materials into the atmosphere.
5. Improved Reliability and Durability:
The design of micro-channel heat exchangers regularly involves the usage of corrosion-resistant materials inclusive of aluminum alloys or chrome steel. This makes them especially immune to corrosion, that may make bigger their operational lifespan and enhance average reliability. Additionally, micro-channel heat exchangers are less susceptible to fouling due to the small channel dimensions, reducing the want for frequent maintenance and enhancing their long-time period performance.
6. Flexible Design Options:
Micro-channel heat exchangers may be customized to meet unique utility necessities. They are available in numerous configurations, together with parallel flow, counterflow, and crossflow designs, bearing in mind flexibility in accommodating various heat transfer needs. Additionally, the compact nature of micro-channel heat exchangers allows for smooth integration into complex systems, presenting designers with extra freedom in gadget format and component placement.

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